Sherman Free Library Bylaws

Sherman Free Library

20 Church Street

Port Henry, NY  12974

Institutional Bylaws

Created by Library Director Kristopher Jarrett, August, 2023

Approved by the Board of Directors September 3rd, 2023
Amended October 26th, 2023

LIBRARY MISSION STATEMENT: Sherman Free Library welcomes and supports all people in their enjoyment of reading and pursuit of lifelong learning. Working together with our community, we strive to provide equal access to information, ideas and knowledge through books, online resources and other media. We believe in the freedom to read, learn, and discover.

PREAMBLE: The Board of Directors (hereafter designated at “the Board”) of Sherman Free Library, created under a charter granted by the State of New York, dated December 13, 1893, shall be governed by the laws of New York State, the regulations of the Commissioner of Education, and by the following bylaws.


Approved by the Sherman Free Library Board of Trustees

Dated: September 3rd, 2023