Director's Report March 2023

Report to The Board of Sherman Free Library

March, 2023

Prepared by Kris Jarrett

General Library News:

The State Report is done! After a few small delays and excellent support from Janelle and CEF, our report has been submitted, reviewed by CEF, and send to the State of NY. The process was, at times, a bit unintuitive, but not overly so. A copy of the report as submitted will be emailed to board members, and if the state asks for any amendments (I am told they will get back to us in a few months if they have any) an update will also be send.

Numbers Snapshot:

Total Patron Interactions: February, 2023: 164

Facebook Reach: Last 30 days: 2,963
New Followers: 15

Social Media & Web Presence:

Facebook reach remains strong and growing, with the most popular posts being local history photos. The highest level of interaction takes place when these posts are cross-posted to local history Facebook Groups.

Staffing & Personnel:

Thank you to Barbara for covering my vacation at the beginning of this month!

Linda Horizny has been coming in to volunteer about once a week. She is ready to help with shelving, organization, and other tasks as needed. She has completed a volunteer information sheet and has been tracking her hours.

As of the changing of the clocks, we have moved to “Spring Hours”, and the evening hours have been well utilized. Do we wish to, come summer, “smooth out” the hours a bit? I believe that we could, without substantially increasing the budget, create a schedule that is simpler to remember, such as Noon-6 each weekday, rather than different times each day.

2023 Events & Programming:

Spring Volunteer Day: Earth Day, April 22. I have checked that NYS is not holding I Love My Park Day that day (they will be using May 6).

I had a very nice chat with Sam Huntington, the new Site Manager for Crown Point State Historic Site; we are both looking forward to collaborating on projects and programing. I have also been in touch with Suzanne at the Roost visitors center (at the bridge), and Samantha Williams of Kent DeLord House Museum with similar intent. Samantha is very interested in hosting one of her popular “Taste of the Past” events here, and we are brainstorming and researching food items with a local history connection.

April’s Evening at the Library event: Currently working on a few ideas, hope to have someone locked in within a week. Planning to offer a $100-$200 fuel and materials honorarium.

Physical Infrastructure:

During the last major snowstorm and subsequent power outage our generator failed to take over. I have contacted Champlain Heating in Ticonderoga to arrange a service call. During the prior power outage everything performed perfectly, and it has/had been self-testing, so we shall see what they say is wrong. I checked all fuses and breakers I could find.

Our fire extinguishers and alarms have been inspected (and passed) for 2023.

The alarm system is coming to the end of its life. Nothing is wrong now, but, the manufacture no longer exists. If/when parts start to fail, we will not be able to replace most of them.

I have had a quote prepared by Mahoney Alarms in two parts; replacing our system as is, and replacing our system plus adding entry coverage. I am not saying that we need that addition, but, when we replace the rest of the system would be ideal time to add it if we think it is necessary or could be in the future. See attached quote.

The printer will need service. I have done the cleaning of parts I know how to get to, but toner streaks remain. There is a smaller copy repair shop in Plattsburgh I can contact.


New patron cards have arrived.
I am loaning a small refrigerator which will be useful for events, lunches, &c.